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Pony Express Bataan Death March

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Pony Express Bataan Death March

Who Are We?

The Pony Express Student Group is dedicated to the education and training of college students to become future leaders of America. We teach students the fundamentals of leadership and the values that are necessary for success in today's world. By offering a positive and supportive environment to students, we strive to help them further their education and develop themselves as people who can lead by example. The Pony Express also looks to help out the community as much as possible. We work closely with several local organizations, such as Harvesters, as well as local schools, sports teams, and churches in order to provide color guards and other volunteer services to honor those who served in our military as well as help our community become a better place.

What is the Bataan Death March?

The Bataan Death March occurred in 1941, when 70,000 American and Filipino troops were captured on the Bataan Peninsula after 4 months of brutal fighting against the Imperial Japanese. The POWs were march 65 miles up the peninsula to concentration camps.  One-third of the prisoners died during the march, and thousands more died because of poor living conditions at the camps. A memorial march and marathon is put on every spring at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico to honor the veterans who gave their lives during the Bataan Death March.

Why Help Us?

We need your help to fundraise enough money to send our student group to White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico so that we can partake in the Bataan Memorial Death March on March 19. As a collegiate student group, we want to honor the veterans of WWII by marching, and further develop our leadership skills by learning and educating people about the Bataan Death March!

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Bataan Peninsula

The Bataan Peninsula is located on the main Philippine Island of Luzon.


Drink Water!

During the march, prisoners received little food or water. Many were subjected to severe physical abuse, including being beaten, tortured, and left in the direct sun with no water or covering for prolonged periods of time.


End to End

The march, from the city of Mariveles to the San Fernando was approximately 65 miles and took 5 days to complete.


Getting Comfy

Once the prisoners arrived, they were packed into rail cars, usually around 100 prisoners per car, and transported to their final destination- Camp O'Donnell.


Casualty Estimate

Of the estimated 80,000 POWs at the march, only 54,000 made it to Camp O'Donnell. Of these numbers, it is believed that 5,000 to 18,000 Filipino deaths and 500 to 650 American deaths occurred during the march.

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