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$500 to $10,000 (Amounts exceeding $10,000 will need further discussion.)

Why do you need the money? Please explain what you would do with the funds you raise.*

Please allow at least 45 days before your project intends to use the funds

Why do you think you’ll be successful in achieving your fundraising goal?*

If you exceed your goal, please explain the impact that additional funds will have – what else will you be able to accomplish?*

Goals should be set to be achievable in 30 days. If your project does not reach full goal during that time, are you prepared to explain how the funding received-to-date would be used?*

Does your group currently have a campus account into which the funds can be deposited? If yes, what is the MoCode?*

Please list the individuals who will be involved in the project*

Do you plan to offer perks?*

Perks are items given in return for someone donating, often relating to the impact of the project

Are you capable of fulfilling perks or giving levels within a 90-day time frame? Optional

Please include a list of the perks and/or giving levels you intend to provide on your project site.*

Perks and goals must be fulfilled within a 90-day time frame after the completion of the project.

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